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The US insurance point has launched a new type of loss and theft proof label

in today's fashion of supermarket operation, the theft of goods has become a growing headache for businesses. In order to facilitate management, merchants have tried every means on the commodity labels, but the traditional loss and theft prevention labels are not only easy to be scattered, but also affect the appearance of commodities, cover some commodity information, and bring a lot of inconvenience to packaging and sales. Therefore, retailers urgently need a new anti-theft technology to recover the losses. The latest wireless radio frequency labeling technology launched by Baodian company of the United States is that anti-theft labels have been placed in commodities or commodity packages during the production of commodities, so that this problem that people worry about can be solved

established in 1967, American Baodian company is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of retail security products with assets of US $700million. It has become a leader in the field of anti-theft technology for RF electronic goods. Baodian has wholly-owned subsidiaries in 27 countries around the world, 17 manufacturing plants and 1700 sales and service agencies. Baodian has accumulated radio frequency engineering experience, bar code production experience and market development experience in its long-term development, and has a strong ability of innovation and development

recently, Baodian has used its excellent radio frequency technology to bring new loss proof labels to retailers, manufacturers and packers. The biggest advantage of its labels is that they are as thin as paper, two-dimensional plane and low price. Some brands' loss prevention labels are often three-dimensional and cannot be hidden in the goods or packaging. After scanning the price, the cashier also needs to demagnetize the loss prevention labels. However, in the decoding process of products with guaranteed point RF tags, some customers simply think that the price is low and need to find the location of the tag. As long as the cashier sweeps the products through the POS machine at normal speed, the pricing and decoding can be completed at the same time. This function can also prevent collusion and theft inside and outside

a remarkable feature that distinguishes the point protection and loss prevention label from the traditional label is that it can be hidden in any position of various packaging types of goods, can be deeply buried in the interlayer of the cardboard packaging shell or in the glass bottle label, can be perfectly combined with the price tag or the commodity introduction tag, and can also be woven in clothes (only RF tags can do this). Because of the strong concealment of the loss prevention label, the goods without the loss prevention label have the same deterrence 28 excellent carbon structural steel, and the scope of the protected goods is larger. Since the product labeling means that the manufacturer makes the RF tag in the product or the package of the product during the production process, for the manufacturer and the packer, adding a paper label on the production line will not affect the production in any way; For retailers, it can save the trouble of labeling later

in addition, the labeling of guaranteed point RF products can also replace the production list of goods. Manufacturers can decode RF tags in any store without a guaranteed point RF anti-theft system. Regardless of the direction of the label position contained in a full box of goods, the label of a full box of goods has been decoded when passing through a conveyor belt with a speed of 400 feet per minute

commodity labeling is applicable to commodities with high value, large amount of normalization of sales assistance and high loss rate. The new technology of labeling products can be widely applied to all durable consumer goods, such as health care products, batteries, auto parts, consumer electronics, hardware, computer software, etc. The loss prevention label can be hidden in the commodity or commodity package, such as: in the packaging box, in the envelope, and in the tag. Commodity labeling can also effectively protect textiles. As the anti-theft label has long been used in the tag and price tag of clothing, customers and employees in the store can not see the position of the label, which has prevented the occurrence of internal and external theft. Businesses can more confidently open shelves of expensive fashion, rather than put them in the counter or have a chain to restrain them. Customers can directly touch and select their favorite goods to stimulate customers' shopping desire

the point protection and loss prevention label can withstand the pressure of the printing roller and adapt to the speed of the production line. It has passed 9 tests such as the functional satisfaction of the American packaging professional association (IOPP) label, the clarity of the text description, the compatibility with the barcode scanning, loss prevention, and cost price. It is an innovative product with mature technology

the Research Institute established by CISRI in Dongguan will assume various roles and functions

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