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The prospect of the US ink market is not optimistic

since the end of 2000, many ink manufacturers have been dissatisfied with their business. In the past three years, the economic downturn in the United States and the decrease in the output value of the printing industry have had a great impact on the ink industry, especially on publishing and commercial printing. At the end of 2002, due to the increase of ink production in the fourth quarter, 177 ink producers seemed to see a glimmer of hope for the recovery of the ink industry. However, 2003 brought a series of bad news. According to the national ink Enterprise Association, in the first half of 2003, the sales volume of printing ink for publishing and commercial printing decreased by 2.9%, and worse still, the sales volume of printing ink decreased by 51%, which indicates that the price of printing ink is deteriorating further

there are even worse data: Although the price of thermosetting ink fell by 5.2%, compared with last year, the sales volume was only flat. The gravure publishing and printing market is also miserable. In 2003, the output of gravure publishing and printing ink decreased by 10.6% and the sales decreased by 13%. At present, the pressure faced by the major corrugated printing manufacturers in the United States is not small. Flexographic water-based ink is in a declining stage. Its output has decreased by 5.7%, while its sales have decreased. The equipment for large-scale travel is not all used for the detection of flexible packaging materials by 7.0%. According to the analysis of observers, the main reason in China's plastic machinery market is that the overseas business of printing manufacturers has changed, and the demand for ink has also changed accordingly. Like corrugated paper printing, the situation of other packaging printing is not optimistic. In the first half of 2003, the output of packaging printing ink decreased by 0.8%, while the price of packaging printing ink decreased by 1.6%

gravure water-based inks, which have a small proportion in the ink industry, have a bright future. Among them, solvent based flexographic printing inks maintained a good growth momentum in 2003, with their output increased by 3.7% and sales increased by 4.0%

nevertheless, the American Printing Industry Association (PIA) still believes that the overall situation of the ink industry in 2003 is slightly better than that of last year. If the growth trend in the fourth quarter can be maintained in 2004, there is great hope to get out of the dilemma. However, the prosperity of the ink industry is inseparable from the development of the printing industry. Therefore, colleagues in the ink industry hope that the printing industry can maintain an upward trend, and hope that the ink industry and the printing industry can share growth in the near future

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