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A research group of Cornell University in the United States invented a "sweet" and environmentally friendly process to produce plastics through citrus plants such as oranges and carbon dioxide. Jeffrey Coates, a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Cornell University, and his graduate students reported in the latest journal of the American Chemical Society that they used a catalyst they synthesized to synthesize polymers from Citroen and carbon dioxide

citron oleoresin is a kind of carbon compound, which exists in more than 300 plants. Orange peel contains 95% lemon oil. Jinan testing machine factory analyzes the experimental results of pressure testing machine. It has many uses in industry, such as the fragrance of detergent. Synthetic plastics need two kinds of raw materials, one is lemon oil refined oxide formed by oxidation, and the other is carbon dioxide. With the extensive use of fossil energy, the atmospheric concentration of the latter has risen steadily in the past century and a half, and has become a greenhouse gas harmful to the natural environment. Through the catalyst, Kautz synthesized the two raw materials into carbonized lemon oil concentrate polymer, which has many characteristics of polystyrene. Polystyrene is the main component of all kinds of plastic products. At present, it is mainly produced through oil

Coates explained: "The catalyst can be used repeatedly in the process of combination. Without them, the refined oxide of lemon oil and carbon dioxide will not be combined automatically.

at present, no matter the polyester used in the garment industry or the plastic products used in food packaging bags and electronic products, they are all obtained through petrochemical industry. My job is to produce high-quality plastics from stable, rich, renewable and cheap raw materials without petroleum. PDS The carbon dioxide used in the low tensile modulus of elasticity (close to 1.5gpa) will help to reduce the content of atmospheric carbon dioxide and reduce the greenhouse effect. "

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