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Coors, the third largest brewer in the United States, will acquire the British carling brewers owned by Interbrew brewery in Belgium at a price of US $1.7 billion. This transaction will make Coors brewery the second largest brewer in the United Kingdom

the M & a business of American koors beer company will include the annexation and reorganization of British rare earth, refractory and other industries and the pace of technological innovation. It will also further accelerate the pace of the country's first beer brands: Carlin, Caffrey, stones and Worthington. After that, koors beer company will fully meet the mechanical standards of pipe testing and obtain a market share of 19% in the British beer market, second only to Newcastle company in Scotland. The UK is one of the largest beer markets in the world, and then continues to rise. Carlin beer is the best-selling brand in the UK. After the acquisition, Coors will enter the UK market with the two brands of Coors and Carlin, striving to increase market share and obtain greater profits

the two parties concerned have signed the M & a agreement in London, England, which is witnessed by the investment bank guarantee. These investment banks will use the weekend to complete the details of the merger and acquisition, and said that the best merger and acquisition price was proposed by kurs

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