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American MICROSCAN company released a new version of visionscape software

in may2010, MICROSCAN company, the world's leading technology leader in tracking, tracing and control solutions, recently launched a new version of visionscape 4.1 software. The software provides a fully scalable modular software package that can be applied to machine vision circuit boards, Gigabit Ethernet solutions and intelligent cameras. Visionscape 4.1 has a complete set of machine vision tools, including spot analysis, OCR, OCV, bar code and vector. The perfect entrepreneurial environment provides enough trial and error opportunities and edge algorithms for founders, plus the industry-leading pattern matching tool Intellifind

at the same time, visionscape 4.1 has added a variety of functional modules, such as color matching and color segmentation. Color matching can be used for high-speed detection applications, such as component classification. Color segmentation allows other tools to be applied to specific color layers. The new version of the software can also flexibly create customized user interfaces through and c. In addition, visionscape 4.1 extends the support platform to allow users to select a variety of third-party Gigabit Ethernet cameras

Mr. Bruce, global vice president of maxken, said: we always put customer needs first, and continue to devote ourselves to developing this industry-leading machine vision software application platform to enhance the company's core competitiveness. The new version of visionscape 4.1 machine vision software has unique functions. Based on PC or smart camera application platform, we integrate so many toolkits, different scripts and user interfaces into one software package, and provide flexible extension functions according to user needs

visionscape 4.1 provides a graphic programming environment, which can quickly develop perfect machine vision applications without requiring application engineers to have software coding skills. Based on the intelligent camera platform, machine vision applications developed by application engineers can be directly transplanted to PC based solutions without reprogramming

at present, one of the challenges faced by system integrators is that the products provided by many machine vision equipment suppliers have limitations in expansion capacity and applicable industries. Many vendors provide different software platforms for different hardware options. Mr. madefeng, global channel development manager of American maxken company, said that American maxken company is the only manufacturer that can provide unified, comprehensive and perfect machine vision software and hardware solutions. We can not only provide NERLITE series lighting equipment, intelligent camera and machine vision software platform, but also provide all the machines you need, and can also program and print the experimental report according to the format required by users; Visual hardware and software platform. With the new version of visionscape 4.1 machine vision software, you can easily support customers without learning more software programs

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introduction to MICROSCAN company of the United States

as a multinational company focusing on accurate data acquisition and control solutions and committed to providing automatic tracking, tracing and control systems for key production processes for the manufacturing industry around the world, we will solve the problem for you at the first time. MICROSCAN company of the United States will work with our customers and partners to jointly promote China's manufacturing industry into the world's advanced ranks

American maxken company was founded in 1982. It has a long history in technological innovation, including the development of the world's first laser diode barcode scanner and 2D symbol data matrix. It is a top brand in the global auto ID and machine vision industry. At present, maxken is still the technology leader in the field of automatic identification and machine vision, with tracking, tracing and control solutions for a variety of industrial applications, from basic barcode reading to complex machine vision detection and measurement

American maxken has passed ISO 9001:2000 certification and has been recognized by global customers for its first-class product quality. As a supplier of high-quality and high-precision automatic identification technology, maxken has been well known and trusted by customers all over the world

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