Design of five small family open kitchen

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More and more small houses allow consumers to consider more space practicality when decorating. How to decorate the small kitchen is also exquisite

more and more small houses make consumers consider more space practicality when decorating. How to decorate a small kitchen also has to be paid attention to

meiqili cabinet small princess cabinet

modern style is the most popular. Every country and brand will timely launch modern style, which is highly respected for its strong sense of the times. Modern kitchenware abandons gorgeous decoration, and the lines are simple and clean, paying more attention to the collocation of colors, from bright red, yellow, purple to bright blue, green and other colors are applied. In the collocation with other spaces, this style is also easier, it is not constrained, and the requirements for decorative materials are not high, which may be the reason why it is widely popular

Kaisheng cabinet snowway cabinet

the fast-paced lifestyle of modern society and the rapid development of various high technologies have strengthened people's nostalgia for ancient elements, which is also the reason why the classical style is enduring. Its elegance and dignity, unique kindness and composure meet the psychological needs of successful people. The traditional classical style requires a large kitchen space, and U-shape and island shape are more suitable patterns. In terms of material, solid wood is regarded as the first choice, and its color, pattern and its unique simplicity are pursued by mature people

Chunhui cabinet Faraday cabinet

introduces the breath of nature into the home, so that the home can maintain a long-term dialogue with the wilderness, and the noise of the city is quiet in this corner. The rural style kitchen shortens the distance between man and nature. Painted tiles with rustic flavor depict natural landscapes such as mountains and waters, flowers and birds, trees, blue sky and white clouds, presenting a quiet and comfortable rustic style. If you like rural living, the country style kitchen will make your life more full of leisure and natural flavor

MgO gureisa cabinet, Ogilvy cabinet

avant garde young people are open-minded, unique, and pursue being different. They choose the most popular texture of the year in terms of materials, and choose more creative designs in terms of style. For example, red cabinets, coupled with red murals, red and white floors, etc., the lively and jumping gorgeous red makes your mood jump with it. Even if you are tired after work, red can make you feel energetic and enjoy the fun of cooking happily

kerilong cabinet Berger cabinet

some housewives like simple and practical kitchens, because cooking is convenient and cleaning and maintenance are relatively easy. The cabinet is configured with a basic bottom cabinet as the storage area, and equipped with ovens, stoves, range hoods and other major equipment to complete a relatively complete cooking process. The sink is usually omitted to save space. This style emphasizes the characteristics of practicality and conciseness

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