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-- Roland windows Tuesday morning meeting

as the saying goes, "the plan of the day is in the morning, the plan of the year is in the spring, and the plan of the life is in diligence". In order to better carry out the work of the new week, strengthen the construction of the company's corporate culture and humanistic care, and cultivate the positive spirit of employees, Roland windows holds a morning meeting of all employees every Tuesday

the weekly morning meeting of all employees of Roland windows is a summary and reflection of the work of the previous week and the work arrangement of this week

especially since the introduction of management reform, the management of the morning meeting has been further strengthened. At 7:50 every Tuesday, the colleagues of the whole factory gather on time, and the department head directs the colleagues to line up according to the procedure. There are requirements for the mental outlook, organizational discipline and effect of each team in the morning meeting. The team should be arranged neatly, the voice of colleagues should be loud when counting and answering questions, and the attention should be focused. It is not allowed to look left and right, and it is not allowed to whisper. The mobile phone should be silent, the clothes should be assembled, and the brand should be carried well. Even if it is dissolved, it should be dissolved in order

▲ the department heads are summarizing the work content of the week

the morning meeting is not a collection of coping. Each morning meeting, the department heads will point out the work problems and ask everyone to sum up the experience. The good ones should continue to carry forward, the bad ones should try to avoid recurrence, and the team members should also raise the problems that need coordination and let everyone solve them together

at the morning meeting, Mr. Oubo awarded bonuses to department heads who completed production tasks last week and employees who achieved good results in new employee test management. It aims to stimulate more employees to actively participate in their work and complete their work tasks with full passion

of course, in addition to the reward mechanism, we also have a punishment system. Department personnel who failed to complete the production task last week should do push ups as a warning, surpass themselves and create higher performance while completing the task on time

in the face of the ever-changing market trend, the new generation of doors and windows has put forward higher requirements for Roland style. Roland style doors and windows will continue to enrich themselves, meet challenges and seize opportunities




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