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Most people like to choose solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring when buying geothermal flooring. Due to the large deformation of ordinary solid wood flooring, geothermal is rarely used

most people like to choose solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring when buying geothermal flooring. Due to the large deformation of ordinary solid wood flooring, geothermal is rarely used. However, with the progress of technology, solid wood flooring can also be used for geothermal products, but the price is relatively high. Using geothermal heating, we also pay attention to the choice of floors. Next, we will use it as a reference to introduce several characteristics that geothermal floors should have:

choose a good floor for geothermal heating

when choosing geothermal floors, it is best to choose floors with high surface density, good dimensional stability, fast heat transfer, moisture resistance, good temperature resistance and environmental protection

three-layer staggered interlocking structure

three-layer staggered interlocking structure has high deformation and cracking resistance. Leaving a gap between the wooden strips not only ensures the telescopic space, but also allows the floor to have good thermal conductivity

patented latch Technology (woodloc)

the unique latch seamless splicing technology can not only be waterproof, but also have very good deformation resistance. It can withstand a tensile force of 1500kg/m, and there will be no cracks even under heating conditions

comparison of laying methods between traditional floor and icon floor

suspension installation method, keel free and glue free structure, because there is no need to drill and nail, it is also very convenient to disassemble in future maintenance

accessories should also choose professional

icon flooring has a professional construction team in the construction. When installing geothermal flooring, it should be noted that all local factors are taken into account by customers, not only free construction, but also 30-year global warranty, which also shows icon's confidence in the quality of its products

1_ Holy elephant special polyethylene foam floor mat

ordinary foam floor mats not only have slow heat conduction, but also are prone to produce harmful gases under the action of high temperature for a long time. The special damp proof mat for geothermal has the characteristics of fast heat conduction, not easy to deform and anti-aging, which can ensure the safety and even heating of the floor

2_ Kangshu special plastic polyethylene film

only 0.2mm thick waterproof film, which needs to be overlapped at least 200mm when laying. Before laying, it is best to contact experts to decide on the correct moisture-proof measures

icon flooring expert advice

1 Before installing geothermal, it is best to arrange a meeting and coordination between geothermal company and flooring company to ensure the reasonable progress of the overall project

2. After installing the geothermal system, do not install the floor immediately, but give the geothermal filler (usually cement) a drying time of at least 21 days

3. After the floor is installed, it is best to lay another layer of moisture-proof film to prevent damage to the floor surface when carrying heavy objects

4. When geothermal is not used for the first time or for a long time, it is best not to adjust the temperature to a very high level at once. It is recommended to heat up slowly according to the standard of 1 ℃/hour

5. Do not lay large mats or other covers on the ground to avoid overheating the surface and damaging the floor

6. When using geothermal energy, the surface temperature should not exceed 27 ℃

7. The temperature should not rise or fall suddenly, and the daily temperature rise or fall should be controlled at 4 to 6 ℃

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