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Formaldehyde in newly decorated rooms is more common, and indoor air control ushers in a market of 100 billion yuan. The report shows that air pollution has become the world's fourth largest health risk factor after smoking, diet and obesity. Indoor air pollution is often more serious than outdoor air pollution, and the indoor air treatment market has great potential. With people's attention to indoor air pollution, indoor environmental treatment may usher in a market of 100 billion yuan, Chinese coatingol com。

Li Hongfan, director of the green home Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association, said that indoor air pollutants have a wide range of sources, a wide variety and complex components. Among them, the largest source of pollution comes from building materials, decoration materials and furniture, including benzene, formaldehyde, radon, etc. produced by indoor decoration. Due to the uneven quality of decoration materials in the market, a large number of harmful substances exceeding the standard cannot be effectively decomposed, which has become the largest "pollution source" in the indoor environment

in 2017, the statistics of relevant indoor air testing departments showed that more than 90% of the harmful gases in newly decorated rooms in China exceeded the standard. Among them, the results of house sampling in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin showed that the proportion of formaldehyde exceeding the standard was 79%, 82% and 81% respectively

in 2017, the China Consumers' Association and the Zhejiang consumers' Association respectively tested the indoor air conditions of 30 households in Beijing and 53 households in Hangzhou after decoration. The detection found that harmful gases and radioactive pollution existed in the room to varying degrees. The formaldehyde concentration in the room exceeded the standard by more than 70%, and the maximum exceeded the standard by more than 10 times. Other volatile organic compounds TVOC and benzene also exceed the standard seriously

the reporter learned that to purify indoor pollution, on the one hand, we should use building materials that meet environmental protection standards as much as possible to reduce pollution sources; On the other hand, long-term vacant ventilation can also accelerate the dissipation of pollutants. In addition, it is also a general trend to continue to accelerate the removal of aldehydes with the help of high-tech products. However, at this stage, many indoor air treatment products have the problem of short action period

according to incomplete statistics, 90million houses in China need to be renovated every year, of which more than 60% of the houses are polluted by formaldehyde to varying degrees, and 59% of the families have formaldehyde exceeding the standard.

the report shows that the output value of housing decoration in China reached 1.9 trillion yuan in 2017, an increase of 6.3% year-on-year; It is estimated that the market size of the home decoration industry will reach 3.2 trillion yuan by 2023. Zhao Zhiwei believes that in the past 10 years, an average of 1.7 billion square meters of newly decorated houses have been added every year. Coupled with the newly decorated houses due to second-hand housing transactions and other reasons, the market scale of the indoor air purification industry will reach 100billion yuan to 200billion yuan





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