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Shanghai Construction Expo will be grandly opened on the 2nd of next month. As a leading brand of German doors and windows and sunshine room, ouzhe doors and windows will shine on the stage with 2015 new products. People from all walks of life are welcome to visit and consult. We are looking forward to your arrival

the 20th China International Construction Trade Expo (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Construction Expo) will be held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from June 2 to 5, 2015. At that time, ouzhe doors and windows will appear with its new products in 2015, and will shine in Oriental Paris with a new brand image, adding luster to the charming city. Ou zhe will be waiting for your appreciation at booth 1.1d206 of Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center

enter the Yangtze River Delta, Hongqiao shows its style

at present, China's economy has entered a new normal period. Since 2015, in order to meet the urgent demand for large-scale full industry chain exhibitions in the field of architectural decoration in East China for many years, the China Construction Expo has complied with the voice of the majority of exhibitors and industries, seized the historical opportunity of the official opening of the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Hongqiao, Shanghai, and jointly held the Shanghai Construction Expo in the National Convention and Exhibition Center from June 2 to 5 with the most influential kitchen and bathroom exhibition in China. The first exhibition of Shanghai Construction Expo is about to appear in Shanghai beach with a super large scale of 100000 square meters. The exhibition takes "customized home" as the theme, and the exhibition covers customized home, doors and windows, hardware, wall decoration, fabric art, etc

the large scale, high specification and great influence of the venue of this Shanghai Construction Expo have attracted major brands. This is a large platform for domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, which will provide a broader stage and richer space for all brands; Please look forward to giving dreamers more opportunities and broader communication platforms

ouzhe German style quality, impeccable

ouzhe doors and windows is the leading brand of high-end German doors and windows and sunshine house in China. Making home more high-end, fashionable and comfortable is the biggest demand of people at present, so high-quality and personalized customized home came into being. Under this kind of consumer demand, ouzhe devotes itself to developing and customizing German doors and windows and sunshine houses for people, leading the trend of minimalism in modern life. As the eye-catching pen of the building facade, doors and windows carry the important function of human interaction with nature. Its quality not only determines the grade of the building itself, but also symbolizes the living needs and tastes of the owner of the building

what charm should doors and windows carry? Ou zhe tells you that the concept of minimalism is publicized in the frames and leaves of doors and windows, reflected in the overall fashion and noble style of doors and windows, and perfectly presented in excellent sound insulation, wind pressure resistance, anti-theft performance, energy conservation and environmental protection performance. There are ouzhe doors and windows at home to open a quality life for you

with excellent product performance, high-quality imported profiles, advanced production equipment, international top design, strict manufacturing technology, rich cultural connotation and the spirit of innovation, ouzhe is unique in China's high-end aluminum alloy door and window industry, and creates a brand miracle with extreme quality

extraordinary quality, shining Oriental Paris

there is a kind of door and window, which can cross Mount Everest and mountains, just to move teak growing in the hot land of Myanmar home and make the home full of Southeast Asian customs; There is a kind of door and window, which can cross the Pacific Ocean and across the sea, just to bring home the rosewood bathed in the tropical rainforest of Brazil and decorate your doors and windows with color; There is a kind of door and window that can take you across the Eurasian continent to the magical Germany, feel the intoxicating breeze along the Rhine River, and feel the German spirit of being rigorous, meticulous and pursuing the ultimate; There is a kind of door and window that allows your home to switch freely in elegance, fashion and extreme luxury. It must be ouzhe door and window

Shanghai, the Oriental Paris in the dream, has a beautiful appearance. From now on, it will be more charming, because Ou Zhe is coming. New product series: Duisburg opposite door, like the breeze blowing from the Rhine River, fragrant and charming, with thousands of styles. Imbued with the design philosophy wisdom of "less is more" of ouzhe, and with the German rigorous, extreme and meticulous style, it perfectly interprets Duisburg's ingenuity in opening the door. It is not only a conventional creativity, but also a perfect combination of modern style and German wisdom

Shanghai Exhibition details:

the 20th China International Construction Trade Expo (2015 Shanghai Construction Expo)

exhibition time: June 2, 2015 to June 5, 2015

exhibition location: Hongqiao, Shanghai - National Convention and Exhibition Center

booth number: 1.1d206

perfume and Marilyn? Monroe collided with Chanel No.5, black and Audrey? Hepburn collides with elegance. What color will the leading brands of German doors and windows, sunshine room and Shanghai Construction Expo collide with? We'll see




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