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(high quality home decoration Cartier doors and windows) aluminum alloy bridge broken window It is the door and window that many customers prefer at this stage. It not only has good sealing performance, but also is economical, so now many home decoration will choose aluminum alloy doors and windows to decorate the house. However, how can we buy good doors and windows when shopping

the main materials used for aluminum alloy doors and windows generally include three aspects: aluminum profiles, glass and hardware. The wall thickness of aluminum profiles used for high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows should be no less than 1.2mm. The deviation of the parallelism between the door and window leaf and the frame or the vertical edge of the adjacent leaf should not exceed 2mm. It can be opened flexibly and used freely, and the aluminum alloy window has good sealing performance

high quality aluminum alloy window, with fine processing and consistent angle, will not have obvious gaps during the splicing process, and the surface should not have obvious defects such as scratches, scratches, bumps, etc

however, attention should also be paid to the daily use of aluminum alloy bridge broken windows, because Windows play a very important role as the "eyes" of the house. Push and pull them gently when using them. Do not use strong acid-base cleaners when cleaning, and regularly check whether the windows are damaged or loose

aluminum alloy bridge broken window As a popular door and window, it is deeply loved by consumers. The more important reason is that it is significantly better than ordinary doors and windows in service life. It is necessary to choose a good aluminum alloy bridge broken window





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