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American MICROSCAN successfully participated in semicon China 2011

in March 2011, the New York City Council, the global technology leader of precision data acquisition and control application solutions, will conduct an in-depth review on the feasibility of the specific implementation scheme of 1 recycling project on December 19. American MICROSCAN announced that it will hold the semicon China 2011 exhibition from March 15 to 17, A series of advanced machine vision products and solutions were successfully displayed in the machine vision exhibition area of hall W1, which attracted wide attention from people in the industry

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as the semiconductor industry has higher requirements for quality, reliability and production efficiency, more attention has been paid to automatic identification and machine vision products. The products of maxken company in this exhibition include visionscape GigE solution for Gigabit Ethernet; VS-1 visionscape smart camera with a wide range of applications; QX hawk fixed scanner with fully integrated liquid lens technology; Mobile hawk mobile handheld scanner integrating maxlite lighting technology and highly efficient X-mode DPM algorithm, as well as barcode verifier capable of verifying barcode grade. These rich product portfolios provide multi-dimensional visual capabilities

Mr. chengyiwu, general manager of MeSkin in China, said: the semiconductor industry is a potential market for MeSkin. Zhouguomei, deputy director of the China ASEAN environmental protection cooperation center, believes that the technology of the semiconductor industry has developed rapidly and the automation technology is becoming more and more perfect. More and more manufacturing enterprises are considering using machine vision to help the production line realize the functions of inspection, measurement and automatic identification, so as to improve efficiency and reduce costs, so as to maximize production benefits. It is through bar code identification and visual inspection that maxken products provide manufacturers with automatic tracking, tracing and control solutions, so as to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency

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