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A new multi-layer film with a moisture barrier

teknt2plex company of the United States recently developed a novinex multi-layer film with a moisture barrier. Novinex film takes topascos as the inner layer, and the waterproof construction of the outer layer must be carried out by inserting polypropylene in the structural engineering construction. At the same time, the polymerization mechanism of PDA and the polymerization mechanism of the chemical reaction between PDA and go have replaced the previous system modeling attempts. Compared with pvdc/polymer multilayer film, it has stronger moisture resistance and transparency. Because the material does not contain ethylene, halogen and plasticizer, its weight and hardness tester back cover have obvious advantages in safety and environmental protection. In addition, novinex is made by pressing multiple layers at the same time during the manufacturing process. Compared with the layer by layer pressed film, there is less pollution opportunity during the manufacturing process, and the processing process is easy to master. The film is divided into three grades according to the different inner layers. The films of each grade are transparent, white and amber respectively. This new product can be widely used in food, medicine and other product packaging

topascos is a member of the amorphous engineering plastics family that why electronic universal testing machine is required to stop testing various data. It is transparent, firm, good moisture resistance, high strength and good stability. At present, it has been approved by FDA to allow the material to be directly used in contact packaging of various foods, and also approved to be used in packaging of drugs

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