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According to statistics, the annual output value of China's pharmaceutical packaging materials industry is about 15billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%, before it has better performance than traditional materials. It is the fastest growing region in the world. In terms of development prospects, according to the development speed of China's pharmaceutical industry in recent years, the annual GDP of drug packaging materials will quickly exceed 20billion yuan in a short time, which has a lot of room for development

fengguoping, assistant inspector of the drug registration department of the State Food and drug administration, said: "as China's labor cost is relatively low, once the technology and quality of drug packaging materials are improved, they will also have strong competitiveness in the international market."

it can be said that with the development of science and technology and the continuous development and application of new packaging materials, drug packaging is no longer simply an auxiliary material for containing drugs, but an important content to facilitate clinical use, ensure drug quality and cooperate with clinical treatment. Therefore, in the outline of the Tenth Five Year Plan for the development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, the state has clearly listed environmental friendly and high-performance OTC packaging, high-quality control and light-weight molded bottles, butyl rubber plugs, high-quality aluminum-plastic composite caps, green capsules, high-quality blisters, etc. as the development priorities of China's pharmaceutical packaging in the future

caowenzhuang, director of the drug registration department of the State Food and drug administration, explained at the meeting the newly revised Measures for the administration of packaging materials and containers in direct contact with drugs in July this year. He also said that for all drug packaging materials that have not been used at home and abroad or have obtained national patents, when applying for registration, the regulatory authorities will give preferential policies and can enter the rapid approval channel, To encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation

drug packaging has been quietly "changing face"

the traditional drug packaging materials are mainly metal and glass. The research on the drug packaging market recently released by relevant departments shows that it will change to cardboard and blister eye packaging in the future

a set of data compiled by fengguoping in the report entitled "current situation and development trend of drug packaging" compared with traditional engineering plastics shows that in the past ten years, drug packaging has been upgraded: in 1990, glass bottle packaging accounted for about 85% of tablet products, and in 2003 it fell to 15%; On the contrary, the aluminum plastic blister packaging increased from 10%-15% in 1990 to 40% in 2003. In infusion products, with the maturity of film making, bag making, sterilization, leak detection and other technologies, the improvement of interfaces, combined covers and other spare parts, and the localization of bag making filling machine, multi-layer coextrusion film bag packaging infusion may grow rapidly in recent years. It is estimated that it will reach 600million bags in 2005, while glass packaging has been the absolute main force before

in addition to quantitative differences, there are qualitative changes. Relevant national departments have issued regulations that from January 1st, 2005, all natural medicinal rubber plugs will be eliminated and replaced by synthetic rubber or other new material rubber plugs and their coated and laminated rubber plugs

if it is certain that natural rubber plugs will be eliminated, how to treat PVC materials has become a key point to test the decision-making ability of enterprises. As early as more than a year ago, some insiders questioned the safety of PVC soft bags. At this forum, lidaqui, director of Pharmacy Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, made a special report entitled "interaction between infusion soft bags and drugs", and analyzed the safety problems of PVC soft bags again

lidaqui said that since there are very complex factors in the interaction between PVC materials and different drugs, the hospital definitely wants to choose non PVC materials from the perspective of use safety. However, due to the relatively low price of PVC soft bags, its share in the global market is still very high. Caowenzhuang said that although there is no timetable for when PVC soft bags will be included in the scope of compulsory elimination, the regulatory authorities have been paying close attention to the relevant developments of foreign governments, and will certainly take corresponding measures once the time is ripe

the change of packaging materials is one aspect of the "face changing" of drugs. On the other hand, the change of packaging volume has also become another measure for enterprises to seize the market. It is reported that in the next few years, the large volume drug packaging will certainly be gradually reduced, and the small packaging designed according to the needs of patients will be correspondingly increased, and each small packaging will have an independent outer packaging, with an indexing application and a gauge distance of 50mm; Autographs and promotional materials

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