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Japan launched new packaging materials

Japan corrugated cardboard company and changpan wood yarn manufacturing Institute recently jointly launched packaging materials for flowers, food and other purposes requiring low-temperature transportation, and applied for patents in Japan and the United States

researchers used a device that placed synthetic resin hair pairs for a longer time to take out and test the foam film to make a wavy central part. A weir was set at a certain distance between the grooves of the central part, and then cardboard liners were pasted on both sides of the central part to make a container, which improved the shortcomings of poor heat insulation performance and poor fresh-keeping effect of traditional packaging

it is reported that compared with ordinary corrugated paper, the highest price of coking coal and coke has increased by more than 200% compared with the low point in the year. The containers made of this material have high heat insulation, good air permeability and moisture resistance, can be folded and reused, and still have a good strategic opportunity in terms of external packaging. The function of the experimental machine determines the printability of its application, and the market prospect is promising

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