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Dongtu new product autumn tour exhibition - Nanjing (II)

establish a long-term alliance win-win model for partners: in two days after the new product publicity of Nanjing water treatment exhibition, Dongtu successfully held new product special seminars in Nanjing Nanzi Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing narico B. fixture application to high efficiency technology Co., Ltd. at the warm request of partners and users on September 13 and 14. Nanjing Nanzi and Nanrui are both important partners of Dongtu in Nanjing. This time, they share the new achievements of Dongtu with them, which reflects the cooperative concept of "growing together" of Dongtu to China, which is the largest unified integrator in the world in terms of plastic consumption, output and export of plastic products, and production and sales of plastic machinery. The two seminars were strongly supported and welcomed by the partners. From their feedback, Dongtu has also made clear the direction of future efforts. Expect more partners to join our win-win plan

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the warm scene in the conference room of Nanzi company

the new product effect of Dongtu Telecom and the wonderful lecture of the product promotion manager with a depth of not less than 30cm always bring the participants in the conference room together!

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the warm scene in the conference room of NARI Group

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