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Planning: the new normal provides lasting business opportunities. Strategy: adapt to the new normal through deepening reform

plan for a new normal and provide permanent exhibitors with opportunities to participate in exhibitions

the new normal of China's economy means that the current Chinese economy cannot be measured from the perspective of the past. Zhangyunling, member of the academic department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and director of the international research department, said that the discussion on the three characteristics of the new normal of China's economy and the new opportunities and new hopes under the new normal in President Xi's speech was refreshing

Ruan Zongze, vice president of the China Academy of international studies, said that China's economy is shifting from export-oriented to domestic demand growth. This transformation has added endogenous impetus to the future of China's economy and will also bring great opportunities to the Asia Pacific region and the world

Andrew Hodge, President of Eli Lilly (China) pointed out that China's economy is becoming richer and richer, which provides many opportunities for small and medium-sized foreign enterprises

in the future, China's absolute contribution to regional economic growth will also become larger and larger, which is an important and key factor driving the economic growth in the Asia Pacific region. Fanrichard, President and CEO of Darby overseas investment company, said: I am very optimistic about China's economic prospects under the new normal

Wang Jun, a researcher at the China Center for international economic exchanges, said that the four aspects have clear levels: the first level starts from the micro level, emphasizing the supply side to provide support for the new normal; The second level emphasizes innovation and looks for new power from the medium and long-term supply; The third level emphasizes opening-up, introducing vitality from the outside to promote reform; The fourth aspect highlights the foothold and development goals of the reform, that is, in the final analysis, all grand strategies are for the well-being of the people

Dai Lei, general manager of Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd., who attended the summit, said that China's reform has provided entrepreneurs with opportunities. He believes that as China further promotes the growth of residents' income, shifts from factor driven to innovation driven, and realizes green development, there will certainly be more market demand for new energy vehicles

sunpishu, chairman of Inspur Group, was deeply impressed by President Xi's use of new engines and igniters to vividly describe the relationship between innovation and Reform in his speech. President Xi proposed to start the innovation engine at full speed, which excited our technology R & D enterprises. Reform and innovation are becoming the biggest driving force for China's economic growth

jinzhongxia, director of the Financial Research Institute of the people's Bank of China, said that we should relax market access, expand the opening of the service industry, including the capital market, and actively explore the management mode of national treatment plus negative list before access. Both reflect the further deepening of reform, aiming to create an upgraded and expanded version of China's opening-up

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