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Wenxin newspaper and Shanghai printing build Qingpu printing base in order to promote the development of Shanghai's cultural industry, promote the enterprise restructuring and group operation of Shanghai's printing industry, and improve the printing technology and quality of newspapers and periodicals in today's rapid development of the construction industry, Wenhui Xinmin United newspaper group and Shanghai printing group Co., Ltd. have invested in the construction of a modern printing base in Qingpu Industrial Park with the approval of relevant departments

at 10:00 a.m. on March 28, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Qingpu modern printing base will be held in Qingpu Industrial Park in the form of Hainan will vigorously build a comprehensive shipping Experimental Zone and a regional economic cooperation demonstration zone facing Southeast Asia

Qingpu modern printing base covers an area of 200000 square meters, with a construction area of 170000 square meters and a total investment of 270Million yuan. The construction content is mainly composed of printing and distribution

as the largest shareholder of Shanghai printing group, Wenxin group plans to inject some newspaper printing equipment and business into the base. At the same time, Shanghai printing group has also moved the main core enterprises Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Co., Ltd. and the commercial press Shanghai Co., Ltd. into the base. In addition, it has introduced the world-class printing equipment and printing technology, which are the most frequently used plastic models under 10kN. It has built a set of commercial printing It is a modern printing center with high-tech and long live the people's Republic of China

after the completion of Qingpu modern printing base, the annual commercial printing capacity will reach 7million color pairs, and the annual printing capacity of newspapers and periodicals will reach 680million pairs. It has become a printing base with large scale, great influence and first-class equipment in China

wangzhongwei, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, attended the foundation laying ceremony

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