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In 2018, new opportunities for non road mobile machinery are here

2018, new opportunities for non road mobile machinery are here

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in recent years, with the construction of China's "the Belt and Road", the gradual implementation of "made in China 2025" and the development of 2 With the encouragement and promotion of the sample high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the non road mobile machinery industry represented by construction machinery and agricultural machinery has achieved great development. According to relevant reports, from 2010 to 2015, the number of construction machinery in China increased by 10.0% annually. It is estimated that the main business income will reach 650billion yuan by 2020; The total power of diesel fuel for agricultural machinery has an average annual growth of 3.8%, and it is expected to achieve a total industrial output value of 600billion yuan by 2020. At the same time, with the development of the industry, it also provides a broad market for supporting parts enterprises

it is against this background that the 2018 China International Summit on non road mobile machinery will be held in Shanghai on April 19, 2018, which is expected to be fully put into operation in 2017 -20. As the most influential industry media of construction machinery, China Construction Machinery Information () has become the strategic partner of the summit. The summit aims to discuss the latest policies and standards of China's non road mobile machinery, energy conservation and emission reduction, industrial transformation, technological upgrading and other hot topics in the industry. It will also be the best platform for you to exchange transnational projects with the association and government officials, industry executives and experts who have never been ideal for the wire tension machine at the fracture position

highlights of the meeting

l tracking the formulation and implementation of the latest policy standards such as agricultural machinery subsidies and non road countries IV

l looking forward to the development opportunities of construction machinery and precision agriculture under the "the Belt and Road" construction and the "13th five year plan"

l discussing the "going global" strategy and the compliance of global procurement standards in international trade

l insight into the intelligentization of the non road mobile machinery industry The development of informatization and digitalization and industrial upgrading

l explore the innovation of post market models such as remanufacture and financial leasing, tap new profit growth points

l share the latest technological development and product upgrading of off-road engine energy conservation and emission reduction

l learn the development and application of advanced technologies such as automatic driving, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction

l pay attention to hydraulic transmission, lightweight design, electromechanical integration Upgrading and optimization of technologies such as modular design

l strengthen industrial communication and exchange, seek innovation and development, and promote international cooperation

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