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Anyone who has experienced home decoration may sigh: if only this would be good, if only that would be better &hellip& hellip; However, there is no regret medicine for home decoration. Once the home decoration is completed, you have to face these regrets for a long time. Here are some common mistakes in home decoration, hoping to help you who are decorating or are about to decorate

it's best to visit the neighbor's house of the same type before the family decoration to see how it is designed and learn from other people's experience and lessons. This is very important. It will have a lot of inspiration for you, because it's best to compare the same type of house, and you can skip doing what others regret

when decorating, it is best to let the residents upstairs start work first. Because there are always problems with the decoration now, my family started the decoration first, and the upstairs was decorated later. As a result, his family was flooded by water leakage, and the strong vibration generated during the decoration of his family damaged the tiles of my family

1. Decoration team

1. Never choose a small home decoration company because there is no place to look for problems. Otherwise, the hollowing phenomenon after the floor tiles are paved, and the paint cracking of the painted walls and doors cannot be remedied. Since these problems were found after decoration, we need to find a home decoration company to deal with them again, but the small company can't find them at all

2. Never look for fellow villagers, acquaintances and relatives for home decoration. These people are very good on the surface, so you can rest assured that in fact, you have to keep an eye on home decoration, because people who work are not working for their own homes after all, and there will always be some problems. I was so relieved that I gave it all to them. As a result, the window was not sealed within a year, and the window frame was loose, so I had to dismantle it and reinstall it

3. Don't trust the demolition and modification suggestions of construction personnel. For example, the original plastic steel doors and windows of my new house were originally very good, but as soon as the decoration workers came in, they said that this group of plastic steel doors and windows was not good and advised me to dismantle this original door and window. At first, I didn't know what was going on. Later, when I inquired, I learned that they could sell a lot of money by tearing down a door and window

II. Ceramic tiles

1. After home decoration, several ceramic tiles must be left for standby. Now most consumers dispose of the surplus tiles after the home decoration, but after a year or two, oneortwo tiles will always be damaged if they are not careful. At this time, it is too difficult to match the tiles of the same specification and color. Some labels are no longer produced, but it's not good to change to other colors! I can't help it. I wish I had left a few spare bricks

2. Floor tiles must be selected with good quality, and they should be carefully selected like wall tiles. If they are not selected well, subsequent problems will occur. For example, bad floor tiles are easy to absorb water. Once water and stains are accidentally brought to the floor, the tiles will absorb it, which is difficult to clean up. Another thing is never buy white and bright floor tiles. This is my experience. Floor tiles should be matte and darker

3. If there are mosaics, I must buy more jointing agents. There is a special fee in that place. I just listened to the people who sold mosaics in the first place. I bought less and then made up for it





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