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After more than 30 years of rapid development, door and window shopping malls have turned from sellers to buyers. It is no longer an era when you can easily benefit from simply selling goods. Consumers have also become smart. They will shop around and have higher requirements for door and window goods and services. In this case, there is no longer a shortcut to surplus. To retain customers, door and window agents have to really take out "distracted" services

"distracted" pre-sales service

under the basic guarantee of goods, whether consumers have purchasing desire and whether they will become loyal customers depends on the service quality provided by the door and window agency company. Therefore, the pre-sales service of the door and window agency company should be distracted in order to affect the purchasing desire of consumers and obtain a surplus. First, pre-sales service should be patient, and be patient to answer any questions raised by consumers; Secondly, the pre-sales service should be honest and down-to-earth to introduce the advantages of goods to consumers; Finally, pre-sales service should have tricks, and grasp the psychology and needs of consumers to retain customers

"wandering" in sales service

the goal of "wandering" in sales service is to provide customers with the most cost-effective solutions. "Wandering" in sales service can not only enable consumers to buy goods that meet their needs, but also enable them to enjoy the spending process very much. First, the salesperson should grasp the sale opportunity, carry out useful sale control and tracking, and have a decision to win the sale results; Second, the salesperson should provide automatic, enthusiastic, attentive and comprehensive service to the consumer during the sale, and enhance the relationship with the consumer with a harmonious and natural atmosphere; Third, sellers should provide consumers with real and cost-effective goods and services, so that consumers can spend happily

"distracted" after-sales service

the quality of after-sales service directly affects consumers' secondary procurement practices and loyalty, which is of great importance. Therefore, the plate company should provide excellent after-sales service for consumers. First, the door and window agency company should make clear rules for the after-sales service, such as detailed rules for the warranty period, warranty content, return and replacement request, and can also provide additional attractive service content, so that consumers can rest assured to meet the cost; Secondly, the door and window agency company should automatically complete the content of its own after-sales service rules, no matter whether the consumer has a request or not, it should carry out excellent after-sales service to the end; Finally, after-sales service is also a big propaganda position. Door and window agencies should grasp the opportunity to publicize their own brands and improve the company's promises when consumers are satisfied with after-sales service

there is no shortcut to get consumers' love and rich profits. It is necessary for door and window agencies to provide attentive pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services in order to occupy a favorable position in the current buyer's Mall




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