How to handle the mobilization procedures for deco

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Please prepare the original and copy of the owner's ID card, the original and copy of the ID card of the head of the decoration team, the copy of the business license of the decoration company and the copy of the construction permit of the decoration company when handling the admission procedures

entry formalities

1. Make an appointment with the person in charge of construction and the real estate property management personnel

2. Clarify the instructions for decoration owners and sign relevant liability contracts with the property

3. The property management unit signs the construction responsibility contract with the construction team

4. The owner shall pay the garbage removal fee (according to the budget negotiation)

5. The owner or the decoration company shall handle the "community pass" for the decoration team and the deposit of construction personnel

6. Specify the decoration period and add 3-7 days appropriately to avoid delay

mobilization of construction team

1. Handling property formalities

2. On site acceptance of the original house entering the site

3. Mobilization of water and electricity, woodworking equipment

4. Mobilization and accommodation of workers, mobilization of daily necessities

5. Reservation of basic water and electricity materials (if DIY construction)

6. Clear design matters, such as switches, sockets, reserved and removed walls, toilet faucet drainage layout Special treatment parts

mobilization acceptance

1. Doors and windows: hardware parts are complete, closed tightly without water leakage, and the switch is smooth

2. The ground on the top of the wall: flat, vertical, whether the cracks have influence, whether the structure has problems, and whether there is water leakage

3. Kitchen, bathroom and Balcony: there is no water seepage in the waterproof layer, the ground height difference is 2cm, there is no water leakage in the pipeline, and the downpipe drainage is smooth

4. Design conditions: the design conditions are completely correct

suggestion: both parties should handle the written documents of handover and acceptance, which should be signed by both parties





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