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Simple European style decoration has always been widely regarded as a decoration style with strong petty bourgeoisie sentiment. It is increasingly favored by young upstarts because of its exquisite and elegant design. Compared with the traditional European style with a strong European aristocratic atmosphere, the simple European style is more fresh, simple colors, simple lines, simple but not unnecessary, practical but not secular, quiet and steady, which easily captured the hearts of many consumers. Today, Xiaobian will bring you three classic cases of customized wardrobe in simple European style. Come with Xiaobian to see the simple European style decoration with rich petty bourgeoisie

the simple European style is different from the classical European style. It integrates modern life elements: Han Li wardrobe Casablanca relief louvered wardrobe, which not only integrates the essence of the classical European style, but also vigorously removes too many luxuriant leaves, making the customized wardrobe not only elegant and atmospheric, but also comfortable and romantic. The lines with a sense of hierarchy and the meticulous detail processing bring people endless comfort

simple European style Hanli wardrobe beautiful spring solid wood wardrobe, does not need too much modeling decoration, simple and smooth pen straight lines can create a "simple European" space. The bright white color and innovative smooth European line design make the room show extraordinary temperament and fashionable and elegant style. The charming spring wardrobe shows the unique romance, innocence, tranquility and nature of French style, bringing you a unique home taste

Hanli wardrobe urban neon wardrobe, with elegant lines and appropriate decoration, makes the living room space have richer decorative effects and matching elegant style. The thickened door panel design makes the product more stable and textured; The wide wave shutter door is designed into a black waist line to form a visual color drop. The internal layout of the cabinet is scientific and reasonable. The design of the top cabinet increases the storage capacity of the products, and the whole wardrobe exudes a strong smell of petty bourgeoisie

in fact, if you want to become an urban elite with a good harvest in family and career, you must first have a "elite" heart and a heart that understands to appreciate and enjoy life in order to make life colorful. Which of the above three simple European style custom wardrobe do you prefer? Come and choose one to decorate your fashionable home

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