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The core position of a house is the living room. The first thing you see when you enter the door is the living room, so the design of the living room basically establishes the design style of the whole interior. A good design of the living room not only reflects the owner's unique taste, but also a pleasant scenery. Next, Deville wardrobe mall will introduce the following appreciation of the combination of living room furniture, brighten your eyes and have a look

the green living room can make the guests who come and go feel the lively and fresh home environment of the host. Here, the guests will not feel very constrained, as if they had entered their own back garden. The pastoral visual effect of the living room can be achieved not only through soft decoration such as wallpaper and sofa, but also through elements such as green plants to create a natural pastoral style. The sun is bright and the years are quiet. The breeze gently blows through the huge French window, making the living room more natural

the reticulated ceiling formed by flowers, coupled with European style fashion chandeliers, is ready to show a noble and elegant atmosphere. The TV combination cabinet, which is symmetrical to the top, is decorated with exquisite carved veneers and hollowed out star shaped doors. Exquisite workmanship has created this elegance and modesty. The floral elements on the carpet and fabric sofa reveal an idyllic atmosphere, making the living room environment a little playful and lovely

Tianjiao blue is particularly dazzling against the background of various light colors, and the delicate colors reveal the owner's energetic attitude towards life. The open display frame is matched with irregular TV combination cabinet, which is casual but aesthetic. Isn't this exactly the pastoral life that has been yearned for for for a long time

close your eyes, as if you were lying on a colorful sofa, as if you were in a flower field, and quietly feel the flow of time. In an instant, the whole state of mind was opened. It was so reassuring and comfortable, just like Deville wardrobe mall www.dwejia COM, make products with heart and let consumers rest assured! Overall wardrobe customization hotline: 4000-8822-118




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