What does the franchisee of Mumen need to know

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Mumen's prospective franchisees can understand, recognize and screen numerous investment promotion franchising brands through different franchising channels

first, prospective franchisees who contact multi-level franchise channels

Mumen can understand, recognize and screen a large number of investment promotion franchise brands through different franchise channels. For example, participate in the corresponding door and window exhibitions, communicate face-to-face with the representatives of the participating brand manufacturers, and obtain sufficient brand information; Another example is to use the currently developed network platforms to find brands through the network search platform, and then browse its official website to understand the brand stories and product context of different brands, so as to quickly collect all-round information of different brands. Before deciding whether to join a brand, franchisees must thoroughly understand and investigate the potential franchised brands, whether the business operation is formal and legal, whether there is a sound financial structure, whether their products have market prospects, and whether their product R & D and innovation capabilities are strong enough

second, we need to know more about wooden door products

as the front line of facing end consumers, the familiarity and love of dealers' products is the key to determine the income of dealers. When choosing the brand of whole wooden door, dealers should fully understand the product group of the brand, understand all aspects, and be confident when facing consumers. Mature products should have stable quality, meaningful design and reliable performance, and give consumers sufficient familiarity and market acceptance psychologically. Such word-of-mouth products are easy to obtain consumers' natural trust; Personalized products should be based on the functions of modern wooden door products, give products more based on consumers' emotional value, aesthetic value and humanistic value, make homogeneous wooden door products highlight the flavor of customization, and let consumers' own aesthetics of life, love for family and thinking about life can be appropriately mapped into their own home decoration, and then attract consumers' attention, Win the favor of consumers

third, understand the brand management ability of wooden doors

the brand management ability determines whether the brand can achieve lasting operation. If a brand only has good products, but lacks the management power of the brand, even if such a brand grows up, it will inevitably lack stamina. If the brand cannot develop continuously, the final result will inevitably be eliminated. Such a brand is undoubtedly not worth considering for dealers

as mentioned above, dealers are the front line of business directly facing end consumers. In the modern business battlefield, competition and competition are no longer limited to products, image and other hardware aspects. For example, brand enterprises do not have enough backup forces, and it is bound to be extremely difficult for dealers in Qianfeng to rush forward. In view of this, when choosing a brand, dealers should pay attention to whether the brand can provide continuous service capabilities for dealers, such as whether to teach dealers terminal sales skills, provide appropriate marketing materials, and ensure complete after-sales service. These aspects related to the sustainable operation of dealers must be confirmed one by one

in a word, joining Mumen is not a small investment. The intended distribution customers who are new to the building materials industry should be careful, multi-party comparison and careful selection

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